Tale #65 10 Greek Street

The place where private conversations go to die. That sounds dramatic. What I mean is, this ‘cozy’ (to use a euphemism here) tightly packed little cubbyhole, tucked away on the hustle and bustle of Greek Street in Soho, is so intimate you will feel like you are eating with your neighbours and listening to every word of their conversations with no intention to.

10 Greek Street is one of those tiny little restaurants in central London that you fear may be very pretentious, very pricey and completely disappointing. However, it is truly, something of a gem. It’s not so much that the menu is really different or special — they have your classic seafood and meat dishes and vegeterian options — it’s that after you are done eating, you will sit back and say ‘holy crap that was really good’. In fact, writing this review a couple of weeks after dining at this restaurant, my fondness for it has grown significantly. The more I reflect on this meal, the more I realise how awesome and well-prepared it was.

Veal carpaccio with fried capers, tuna mayonnaise and topped with rocket was phenomenal. Basically I can never eat beef carpaccio again. You know when you’ve been flying economy your whole life and one time you get upgraded to first class and see what the good life is like and then subsequently every trip you take thereafter you’re crying in your economy seat remembering what you once had that one time in first class? That’s what it’s going to be like eating beef carpaccio again after having this incredibly tender succulent veal carpaccio.



Razor clams with chorizo and bright green samphire was equally as wonderful. The fiery, oily chorizo complemented the fresh and delicately flavoured clams nicely. Samphire was the perfect offset to this shellfish/meat combo.



Confit rabbit leg, polenta, chicory & mustard was done beautifully. Fun fact: the muscle formation in the legs of most animals makes for tough, stringy meat. Confit involves cooking slowly, which allows these formations to break down and yield the luscious result that I was fortunate enough to eat. Chicory is something you don’t see very often, however, the mildly bitter flavour of these crisp leaves was a pleasant addition and went perfectly with the soft and creamy polenta.



10 Greek Street is another one of those ‘no reservations’ London restaurants which is infuriating. The reason it has taken me so long to go to this restaurant is having to find someone to go with who doesn’t mind potentially waiting on an hour long queue or doesn’t mind dining at 6:30pm to avoid the queue that begins at 7pm, is somewhat of a challenge. Once again, I will have to re-iterate my belief that every restaurant should have some tables available for bookings and some tables available for walk-ins. That being said, much to the dismay of those waiting outside, our waitress did not rush us throughout the duration of our meal and let us keep the table for nearly 3 hours.

If you are one of those people that absolutely must book, 10 Greek Street’s sister restaurant, 8 Hoxton Square, takes reservations.

Restaurant Info

10 Greek St Soho, London W1D 4DH

Tel: 020 7734 4677

Website: http://www.10greekstreet.com/

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