Tale #64 Brockley Market

Located in Lewisham College car park, this is a small yet well formed friendly little market. A true pain in the ass to get to from North London I have to say, this market was on the list of ‘must check outs’ for months now but the beast enjoys a lie in on a Saturday morning. As the market is only open from 10am-2pm it is quite necessary to make the most of the morning. From the outset this market is unimpressive (I mean it is in a car park) and almost too small, however, upon weaving in and out of the various little spaces, it becomes obvious that there are quite a lot of vendors and quite a lot of variety. The focus is on locally-sourced seasonal food, whether that’s cuts of meat, fresh fruit and veg, cakes, artisan breads, cheese and even milk. Food on offer includes organic meats from Jacob’s Ladder, organic veg from Wild Country Organics and Spanish cheeses and chorizo from Flavours of Spain.



Equally there are plenty of ‘eat it now’ food options if you fancy eating lunch at the market.


From what I gathered, there are the regulars: Mother Flipper serving juicy burgers with oh yeah American cheese, Mike & Ollie serving flatbread wraps for the healthy inclined etc. And some other vendors that rotate around such as Cheeky Italian, Hix FishDog, Spit & Roast etc.

I will admit that Mother Flipper is the main reason I sought out this particular market. Having heard through the grapevine these are the best burgers ever and eager to see if they surpassed those of Patty & Bun, I knew one of the only places I could find this gem of a burger joint was at Brockley Market. I have to say Mother Flipper is now up there on the list with P&B for delivering  juicy burgers with plenty of cheese on delicious glazed buns. Mother Flipper gains an advantage in the best burger competition for serving crispy bacon cooked in maple syrup to give it that extra sweet kick which nicely complements the savoury burger, an old trick Americans learned long ago — maple glazing meat is the way forward.



The fishdog from Hix, an innovative take on traditional fish and chips incorporating minted mushy peas and tartare sauce all in one ‘fish dog,’ was quite nice. I was also pleased to hear from the staff that they are using the Rib Man’s ‘Holy Fuck’ hot sauce to liven up their fish balls. Food vendors of London, unite.

hix fish dog

More of a sharp tongue than a sweet tooth kind of beast, I was pleasantly surprised by small baked goods vendor Kooky Bakes, who sold not only some of the most visually appealing baked goods, but amazingly delicious ones as well. Quite unique were their whoopie pie creations, coming in a variety of flavours such as pistachio & cherry and peanut butter cup. The cupcakes were also quite sinful – chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate salted caramel amongst others. Very sinful.





Definitely recommend checking out this market, even if you don’t live in the neighbourhood. If you can’t make it on a Saturday, a lot of these vendors also set up camp at the recently launched Wapping Market, open Sunday from 10 am – 2 pm at Brussels Wharf.

Market Info

Lewisham Way, Brockley, London SE4 1UT

Website: http://www.brockleymarket.com/

2 thoughts on “Tale #64 Brockley Market

  1. This looks amazing. I want that burger now. One of your best photos too I think!

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