Tale #7 The Riding House Cafe

Looking for a Sunday place to get some brunch (and by that I mean the ability to order breakfast food items while still having the option to get sides of chips and a cheeseburger), that you can roll into around noon/one o’clock after having a cheeky lie-in is really difficult to find. That’s why if a place takes advanced bookings, it already has received one star in my book.

The Riding House Cafe, tucked away from the bustle of Oxford Circus, is what I would call ‘British version of American diner meets European brasserie,’ serving up all day breakfast staples like eggs and toast with a random lobster lasagna, roast meets, and a Reuben sandwich thrown in – oh yeah and really incredible breakfast smoothies.


While the decor is a little strange (stuffed squirrels on lamps), the laid-back atmosphere, spacious seating and menu to please all palettes make this place a bit of a haven in the madness that is central London on a Sunday afternoon.

I ordered the breakfast smoothie with granola, natural yogurt, milk, honey and bananas. Basically this is what one would’ve ordered for breakfast on a plate, but in pulverized liquid form. And it was tasty. I know what you’re thinking – bit healthy for the Ravenous Beast eh? Sometimes even the beast needs a little health kick to get going on a Sunday. This smoothie also arrived to the table in an awesome glass jug which wins 5 points for funky presentation. My friend Sarah ordered a pot of Breakfast tea which she said was also amazing.



For breakfast, I ordered the chorizo hash brown with mushroom and poached eggs. The hash browns weren’t quite as crispy  as I would have liked them to be, a bit too mushy for my taste, but the chorizo added that kick to spice them up a bit.


Sarah ordered Eggs Royale


All in all, would definitely go back here. The menu is diverse enough you could return for a totally different tasting experience. Its proximity to Soho and all the shopping on Oxford Street makes it an easy go to spot. The prices also aren’t extortionate (especially for the location), so this place would definitely spring to mind if I was craving a full English brekkie and couldn’t be bothered to cook it.

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