Tale #30 Summer Fixings

Living in any city has its downsides when it comes to summer. For the foodie, the first thing that might spring to mind is lack of an outdoor grill. Summer is time for grilling amazing burgers, chicken, BBQ chicken (this deserves its own category because BBQ chicken is heavenly), skewers, shish kebabs, swordfish, and if we’re going to go all New England here can’t forget about clambakes. Bottom line, grilled foods are delicious. Apologies, I forgot to mention you can grill vegetables but that’s a bit boring (unless we’re talking about grilling teriyaki portobello mushrooms), so that’s probably why I forgot about it..

The beast, like all beasts, loves cheeseburgers. But with no outdoor space/grill, this seems problematic.

The solution is: frying pan. Very simple solution.


First instructions: let your hamburger meat thaw out before cooking. I suggest letting it thaw out in the fridge. If it is too late for that, thaw it out in warm water in the sink. If you must use the microwave to defrost, be sure to use the defrost button and keep a close on eye it so it doesn’t cook too much. Be sure all the meat is unfrozen before cooking or the hamburgers may cook unevenly.

Use a large skillet, or whatever skillet you may have. We’re not picky here.

I have read on some food blogs that instead of using oil, people sauté onions or bacon and let the juices from that act in place of oil. That actually seems a bit weird to me, so I stick with traditional oil. In this case, about 1 1/2 tablespoons of canola oil.

If you want to splash the cash, use some Angus or Kobe beef — if not, good ‘ol ground chuck (80 percent lean so says Food Network) is good enough.

Cook just below medium heat.



Do not press down on the meat — all the juices will come out. This will ruin your attempt to cook a juicy burger. Just to reiterate… DO NOT press down. The hamburgers will cook all the way I assure you, it just takes some patience-if you press down you will not have delicious juicy hamburgers.

If you can’t tell when the burgers are done, cut one down the middle.

Add all the fixins you desire. In true American style, I added some orange plastic cheese (white cheddar just doesn’t do it sometimes).



To make this meal a little bit healthier, make some salad. If you have the same taste as the beast, Greek salad is a good addition: just toss some iceberg lettuce, sliced tomatoes, crumbled feta, oregano, olive oil and sea salt et voila.






So in conclusion, meat is awesome. Cheese is awesome. Salad can be awesome (if it has cheese or meat in it). And if you like a good greasy, juicy hamburger, do not worry, you can do it without a grill and you can do it without going outside.

If this seems unsatisfactory to you, you have two options. 1. Become friends with someone who has an outdoor garden and a grill — invite yourself over or just move in during the summer. 2. Earn more money and buy yourself a property that has an outdoor space and grill.

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